Cosma International Feature Owner - Fusion in Auburn Hills, Michigan

Company Introduction

This position is for Magna Electronics, Auburn Hills, MI. Magna Electronics provides leading technologies from autonomous driving, to secure connectivity to vehicle electrification. With our competitive position and our culture of innovation, we are transforming mobility.

Job Introduction

The role of a feature owner is to understand the needs of our automotive customers and applicable regulatory standards, translate them into actionable requirements for the mechanical, electrical, optics, and software disciplines (requirements engineering) and validate that our products meet what our customer expected of them (system validation).

Major Responsibilities
  • Understand and document customer requirements using a requirements management tool. Manage and negotiate customer requirements, change requests, and unwritten expectations.
  • Allocate and expand customer requirements into actionable Magna system requirements for mechanical, electrical, and software discipline. Document system architecture in an unambiguous, clear, and understandable way that electrical, mechanical and software engineers know exactly what they have to do in order to meet customer expectations.
  • Create and maintain project documentation:
  1. System requirements specification
  2. System architecture definition
  3. System test plan
  • Perform systems validation of camera on bench and in vehicle: Make sure the camera does function and perform as the customer expects.
Knowledge and Education

BS (MS or Ph. D. preferred) in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering or computer science

Group: Magna Electronics

Division: Magna Electronics - Auburn Hills

State/Province/County: Michigan

City: Auburn Hills

Job Type: Regular