Jatca UG Designer in Auburn Hills, Michigan

table border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0"theadtrtd width="564"divWe are looking forDesigners for a client of ours in the metro Detroit area. Please see the requirements for this role below./divdiv/divdivRequirements:/divdiv/divdivMinimum 5years in BIW./divdivEducation:2yr preferred./divdivSoftware:V5 or UG or both./divdivHas designed BIW Tooling in above cad package, such as, EOA, GEO Fixtures, GEO EOA, End of arm tooling, Geometry Fixtures, Marriage Stations, Framing Stations, Closures Tooling, Underbody Tooling, Body Side Tooling, Front Structure Tooling./div/td/tr/thead/table