BETA CAE Systems USA, Inc. Durability Engineer in Farmington Hills, Michigan

span style="text-decoration: underline;"Description:/spanul class="unstyled"li class="span11 no-margin"span class="normalFontWeight"The Data Acquisition Foreman will perform the following functions:/spanulli class="span11 no-margin"span class="normalFontWeight"Directly supervise 13 mechanic/technicians/span/lili class="span11 no-margin"span class="normalFontWeight"Receive work order requests and assign daily work tasks to the team/span/lili class="span11 no-margin"span class="normalFontWeight"Oversee vehicle instrumentation process, strain gaging, and transducer calibration/span/lili class="span11 no-margin"span class="normalFontWeight"Monitor project completion dates and adjust resources to keep projects on time/span/lili class="span11 no-margin"span class="normalFontWeight"Assign mentors to less experienced employees to assure training and work quality/span/lili class="span11 no-margin"span class="normalFontWeight"Work directly with engineering to support their projects/span/lili class="span11 no-margin"span class="normalFontWeight"Approve time card entries and vacation requests/span/lili class="span11 no-margin"span class="normalFontWeight"Track work hours, vacation, sick time and lost time/span/lili class="span11 no-margin"span class="normalFontWeight"Participate in weekly planning meetings with engineering/span/lili class="span11 no-margin"span class="normalFontWeight"Post overtime sign-up sheet every week, keep overtime equalization list up to date and posted, and work with supervision to prioritize weekly O/T/span/lili class="span11 no-margin"span class="normalFontWeight"Keep the lab neat and orderly/span/lili class="span11 no-margin"span class="normalFontWeight"Order the necessary lab supplies/span/lili class="span11 no-margin"span class="normalFontWeight"Maintain skill assessment and training matrix for mechanics/technicians. Work with lab personnel to ensure they are cross trained and have the necessary skills/span/lili class="span11 no-margin"span class="normalFontWeight"Work with the Facilities team, to ensure lab equipment is maintained/repaired/span/lili class="span11 no-margin"span class="normalFontWeight"Support three other labs within the department and other requesters with data acquisition services./span/li/ul/li/ulspan style="text-decoration: underline;"Requirements:/span style="padding-left: 30px;"• 2+ years of supervision experience style="padding-left: 30px;"• 2+ years Instrumentation, calibration and data acquisition experience/transducer experience style="padding-left: 30px;"• 2+ years experience performing vehicle road load data acquisitions, measuring loads, displacements, accelerations, strain, pressure. etc. style="padding-left: 30px;"• Proficient in Microsoft office software.uPreferred: /u style="padding-left: 30px;"• Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering style="padding-left: 30px;"• Experience working in Union EnvironmentuTravel and Driving Notes: /uMay be required to drive a company car. Valid driver’s license is required as well as a clean driving record.Travel not required