Jmj Phillip Group Electrical Engineer in Flint, Michigan

Electrical Engineer job opening in Flint, Michigan. An industry leader in precision machining and tooling in the manufacturing sector is now conducting a search to fill an Electrical Engineer job opening in Flint, Michigan. This organization is currently experiencing a great deal of growth and success, so they are looking for Electrical Engineers whom can come on-site and grow with the company. JMJ Phillip’s engineering recruiters are seeking tech-savvy, innovative electrical engineers whom can not only solve engineering problems, but also can work well with others. For an Electrical Engineer looking to develop his or her career with a growing company, this is the perfect job opportunity. h4Flint Electrical Engineer Overview:/h4The primary job of the Electrical Engineer will be to design electrical systems by developing and testing components through validation tests, sensor tests, and other types of assessments at the greater Flint, Michigan plant. The Electrical Engineer will also need to conduct corrective and preventative maintenance of company manufacturing equipment while on-site. For this position, the Electrical Engineer will have to lead and manage several production operators and technicians as direct reports at the Flint, Michigan plant. The Electrical Engineer will be a part of the engineering department and will report to the Flint plant’s engineering manager.h4Flint Electrical Engineer Job Opening/h4ulliFor this job, the Electrical Engineer will assess electrical systems, products, and components at the greater Flint site./liliThe Electrical Engineer will progress manufacturing processes by designing new tools and pieces of equipment utilizing AutoCAD software and other software./liliThis role will bolster product quality as well by gathering the necessary engineering information and specifications on how to improve the efficiency of the product./liliThe Electrical Engineer may need to periodically travel outside of metro Flint, Michigan in order to attend industry networking events and other company-wide meetings. /li/ulh5Electrical Engineer (Flint Area) Job Requirements:/h5ulliA bachelor of science degree in an electrical engineering field (other engineering fields accepted) are required for this job./liliAt least 2 years of electrical engineering experience are required for this job./liliAbility to lead teams are essential for this job. /li/ula href=""