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Jmj Phillip Group Die Design Lead in Plymouth, Michigan

Die Design Lead job Opening in greater Ann Arbor, Michigan. A company that specializes in the manufacturing of automotive components is currently hoping to fill a job for a Die Design Lead in Ann Arbor, Michigan. For the Ann Arbor Die Design Lead who can best lead demonstrate leadership qualities and technical expertise, the company is offering up an impressive compensation package, as well as the chance to work for a growing company.h4Ann Arbor Die Design Lead Overview:/h4For this job, the Die Design Lead will have a bevy of responsibilities at the Ann Arbor plant, as he or she will need to be overseeing the entire die design process. He or she will be reporting to the Ann Arbor plant’s Plant Manager and will be managing 2-3 direct reports. The Ann Arbor Die Design Lead will be equally responsible for developing his or her direct reports, as well as developing the die design process. The Die Design Lead will also be responsible for improving the Ann Arbor plant’s stamping, forging, forming, and extrusion processes. h4Ann Arbor Die Design Lead Job Opening/h4ulliThe Ann Arbor Die Design Lead must develop plans for single stage and progressive dies./liliThe role must draft drawings of designs as necessary./liliThe position must oversee and manage the design and engineering vendors./liliThe Ann Arbor Die Design Lead must determine the sequencing and stages of die designs./liliThe role must utilize geometric distancing and tolerancing./liliThe position must occasionally contribute to administrative tasks./liliHe or she will report to the Plant Manager in Ann Arbor./liliThe Die Design Lead will accomplish any additional jobs as necessary./li/ulh5Die Design Leader (Ann Arbor Area) Job Requirements:/h5ulliA bachelor’s degree, ideally in the engineering field, is greatly preferred./liliAt least ten years of experience, at least 15 years of experience if the candidate has no degree./liliKnowledge and experience with CAD, specifically in UX Knowledge of Autoform software is a plus/liliCreativity and intuition/liliSome leadership experience would be beneficial to this job /li/ula href="" target="_blank"