Softworld FPGA Design Engineer in Sterling Heights, Michigan

FPGA Design Engineer

Sterling Heights, MI

Posted: 09/06/2018

2018-09-06 2018-10-22

Employment Type: Contract

Industry: Engineering

Job Number: 227292

Job Description

FPGA Design Engineer

Job Description:

  • Bachelor of Science, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Computer Science & Engineering, Electrical Engineering, or Electronics Engineering

  • The FPGA Design Engineer position is responsible for electronics & FPGA design and implementation in support of video & image processing.


  • Implement video and image processing pipeline in FPGA fabric

  • Review requirements; work on architecture and design details for FPGA & processor implementations

  • Select existing IP blocks that can be used and write own IP blocks where needed

  • Create correct design constraints to avoid timing issues for each block and for the complete design

  • Implement different video and image processing algorithms on FPGA

  • Develop test environments on FPGA and perform testing

  • Develop firmware on real-time operating system (RTOS) and with Linux environment

  • Bachelors degree required, Masters preferred with a minimum of 10 years applicable experience, fewer years will be considered with advanced degree.

  • Experience with designing ARM processors and AXI bus with Zynq Ultrascale+ MPSoC or understanding of similar SoC FPGA architectures, including the PS-PL interfacing, either on bare-C or OS based designs

  • Experience with industry-standard protocols, such as PCIe, USB, Ethernet, DDR, I2C, SPI, CAN, etc.

  • Experience with generic video and camera interfaces such as LVDS, HDMI, Display Port, Camera Link, SDI, GigEVision, etc.

  • Experience with Vivado and Xilinx SDK

  • Experience writing RTOS and Linux device drivers for embedded vision systems

  • Hands-on experience in digital system design using VHDL and Verilog and FPGA-based system bring-up and debugging