Peter Basso Associates Electrical Engineer in Troy, Michigan

span style="color: #333333;"Peter Basso Associates is a 100% employee-owned, licensed professional engineering corporation. Many of our team members are seasoned veterans, equipped with the technical abilities, interpersonal skills and work history to create a truly dynamic corporation. Our reputation for quality work and personal attention has been a cornerstone of the firm since its inception./spanspan style="color: #333333;"As a member of the Peter Basso Associates team, you will work with a variety of architectural firms, contractors and facility owner clients. Excitement and enthusiasm for the building trades industry, being comfortable and confident interacting with a wide cross-section of professionals and skilled trades is valued./spanspan style="color: #333333;"emThe ideal candidate has the following experience, education or qualifications:/em/spanul style="list-style-type: circle;"lispan style="color: #333333;"Experience in engineering and designing any of the following electrical systems:/spanullispan style="color: #333333;"Power/spanspan style="color: #333333;" Distribution Systems/spanspan style="color: #333333;", including medium and low voltage distribution systems, standby power applications, load calculations, short circuit and coordination studies, arc flash hazard./span/lilispan style="color: #333333;"Lighting Systems/spanspan style="color: #333333;", including calculations, lighting controls, luminaire selections and architecturally integrated lighting systems./span/lilispan style="color: #333333;"Auxiliary Systems/spanspan style="color: #333333;", including fire alarm systems, voice/data structured cabling systems, access control, CCTV and other low voltage systems design./span/li/ul/lilispan style="color: #333333;"Having passed the Fundamental of Engineering exam, PE preferred./span/lilispan style="color: #333333;"Strong working knowledge of AutoCAD and Revit./span/lilispan style="color: #333333;"Thorough understanding of the coordination aspects of all design disciplines and how they impact the project./span/lilispan style="color: #333333;"Team-oriented problem solving skills and decision-making ability./span/lilispan style="color: #333333;"Ability to organize work and multi-task./span/lilispan style="color: #333333;"Detail oriented, self-motivated, enthusiastic and flexible./span/lilispan style="color: #333333;"Good written and verbal communication skills and strong organizational skills./span/liliBachelor's Degree in Engineering or an engineering-related curriculum from an accredited college or university./liliMinimum 5 years' experience specific to building systems. /li/ul